Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon

The salon

Our salon is large and clean.† We have a floor level walk-in tub to accommodate the elderly and disabled dogs.† We have retail for sale such as leashes, collars, handmade dog bows and more.†

Front reception

Our spacious front reception area offers a bright relaxing welcome for your pampered pooch.† There is a comfortable chair for those who need to stay and wait for their dog.† Come see our large fresh water tank and our resident cat, Pretzel.† We love all animals!

Leashes and collars for sale

Pictured here is our selection of Lupine, guaranteed if chewed, collars and leashes for sale.† Just a sneak peek at our retail products.† Our front reception also includes a gate leading to the grooming area for the safety of your dog, to help ensure they do not escape out the front door.

Walk-In tub

Our spacious ground level, walk-in tub is perfect for elderly and disabled dogs.† Easier on us as we donít have to lift them and easier on the dogs that are unable to jump into a tub.† We have a wide selection of shampoos to accommodate your dogs needs such as whitening, darkening, oatmeal,† berry, medicated and more!

Grooming area #1

This is one of our 3 grooming areas.† This is a low to the ground table which is perfect for larger dogs.