Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon


Salon Questions:

Q: What payments do you accept?
At this time we accept cash only.  . 

Q: If I am late for my appointment, will you still groom my dog?
Everyone has a 15 minute window to show up.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will have to re-schedule.  If everyone was more than 15 minutes late throughout the day, we would end up over an hour behind.  Please remember that when you are running late, it makes every dog following your appointment late as well.

Q: Do you groom large dogs?
Yes, we have a floor level, walk-in tub which makes it very easy to groom large dogs.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for my dog to get groomed?
A: Yes. We only have 1 dog at a time each at the shop.  Our hours change from day to day and a lot of the time we are only there if we have dogs to groom, so please call to make an appointment or book online.  Thanks!

Q: Will my dog be caged while at your salon?
A: No. Because we only groom 1 dog at a time, there is no need to cage them. There is the odd time when dogs overlap and dogs may have to be separated, but they are never caged. We do NOT cage dry as this can be fatal for dogs if they are not supervised closely!

Q: How much will it cost to get my dog groomed?
A: Price varies due to the size of your dog, the condition of the dogs coat and your dogs temperament. If you call and give us some information about your dog, we can give you a price range, but until we are done grooming the dog, we won't know exactly how much him/her will be.

Q: What vaccinations do you require?
A: None. It is up to you, as the owner to make sure your dog is protected.

Q: Do you check dog's anal glands?
A: No we do not do anal glands as you can cause more damage than good if they are not done properly and if you start doing them you always have to keep doing them.

Q: How long will the groom take?
A: Most dogs take between 45 minutes to 2 hours. Although there have been a few very hairy/matted, once-a-year dogs that can take up to 3 hours.

Q: Do you groom cats?
A: No, we do not groom cats.

Q: How often should I get my dog groomed?
A: w recommend every 4 to 6 weeks, although some may be able to go a little longer while some may have to be more frequent. Frequent groomings can help in so many ways. Your pet will be more comfortable, always smell and look their best, and will never be matted! Please do not wait until your dog is matted to get him/her groomed!

Q: Can I schedule recurring appointments for my dog?
A: Yes, most definitely! We encourage a recurring schedule because that way you won't forget to book them in before they get matted!  Plus you get a $5 discount when you come every 6 weeks.

Q: Can I stay with my dog while he/she gets groomed?
A: Although dogs tend to behave better when their owners are not around, if you are worried about the way your dog will be groomed, we don't mind if you want to stay!

Q: Every time I take my dog to a groomers, they always shave my dog right down, will you do this as well?
A: We only shave dogs if it is requested by the owner or if the dog is matted. We will NOT brush out matts as this causes pain for the dog and we are not in this business to hurt animals. If your dog is matted and you don't want him/her shaved you MUST bring the dog more often for grooms!  We have very good conditioner which helps get out smaller matts, but big matts will not be brushed out

Q: I want my dog shaved just before winter because I don't get my dog groomed through the winter as he/she will get cold...will you do this?
A: We will shave your dog if that is what you request. However, you should NOT go all winter without having your dog groomed. Your dog WILL get matted and get very uncomfortable and miserable, plus the nails will most definitely over-grow. Its not a problem to keep your dogs hair longer in the winter, but you need to get the dog groomed often enough throughout the winter so that the hair won't matt.

Q: Are you a certified groomer?
A: Laura was trained by other groomers.  Laura is hoping to start IPG (International Professional Groomers, Inc) certification within a few years though. It is a very extensive process to get certified. If you want your dog groomed by a certified groomer, be sure that it is an IPG certification, as any other certification is not a true certification.

Q: What if I'm dissatisfied with my groom?
A: Please let us know if there is anything you are dissatisfied with. We will do our best to fix it. We can't fix what we don't know about :)

Online Store Questions

Q: How much is shipping when i purchase from your online store?
A: Shipping varies depending on how much you order.  See the stores faq page for more information.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: USA and Canada ONLY

Q: Are your bows and other products returnable?
A: Although the bows are not returnable, if they arrive damaged, you can send us a photo of them and we will replace them at no charge to you!  Leashes and collars are returnable.

To contact us:

Phone or Text: 705.303.1909

Email: groom@dazzlingdoggiessalon.com