Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon

Colouring fun

All colouring products used are 100% safe for use on pets.  Get your dogs ears and tail coloured or a design put on them.  We also offer nail painting, hair tinsel and feather extensions for dogs.

Hip Flower

Black and Red

Canada Day



Flower Nails

Breast Cancer Ribbon

Maple Leaf

Purple Tail

Pink Poodle

Rainbow Mohawk

Candy Cane

Skunk Stripe

Blue Ears and Tail

Christmas Tree


Hip Heart and Pink Ears

Green Tail

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Email: groom@dazzlingdoggiessalon.com

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Blue Mohawk

Christmas lights

Green Mohawk

Green Mohawk/Braided Ears

Shamrock/St. Paddy’s Day

Christmas Lights