Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon

Puppy program

Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon is happy to announce a wonderful new program for puppies that are 6 months or younger. The program consists of 3 sessions at 4 week intervals, and are focused on teaching puppies how to learn proper grooming manners, and to help them adjust to being handled and learn all the sounds and sights that are in a grooming shop. This is accomplished by using positive reinforcement! I encourage you to bring the treats that your puppy loves most, otherwise I have treats here I will use! The ideal time to start is at 16 weeks of age for the first session, the second session is at 20 weeks and the final at 24 weeks, although the starting age can vary it should be before the puppy is 21 weeks of age, for maximum effectiveness. Each session starts with a brush out, nail clipping and a bath, ears are also cleaned and all tools and equipment are turned on during the sessions to allow the puppy to learn that new sounds are nothing to be afraid of. The goal is to complete a groom at each session, however each dog is different and some may not get their full groom until the second or even third groom. This program will have a wonderful impact on the puppies in the way they behave while being groomed, and they will also respond by being less fearful in new situations. The cost of this program is discounted to $45.00 per session, for a 12 week period. Appointments must be 4 weeks apart. Owners who like having a clean and happy pet may continue to book at 4 week intervals and save money on the adult grooming price as well, which will normally save them $5 off the cost of a regular groom, but only if booked monthly. All regular clients on a 4 week schedule will receive the first offers for weekend appointments, as well as the benefit of having your dog clean and happy and on it's way to a wonderful healthy start in life. It is proven that regular grooming is a benefit to your dogs well being, and we all want the best for our pets.  Why not give your best friend the benefits of this program, and continue with regular monthly grooming as part of their wellness plan, for life.... As your groomer, I can also offer you helpful advice with any issues you may have with your puppy’s training and behaviour, and show you how to brush and comb your pet, clip nails, and clean their ears, between grooming appointments, or I would be happy to book in a few minutes between grooms to do nails, ears and a brush out, so you don’t have to.

I believe as your dogs groomer it is up to me to help you make wise choices when it comes to your pets health and well being, whether you are wondering how to control tear stains, which brush to use, or keep the dog from matting and avoiding the shave down. By becoming a regular 4 week client, you will have access to the best appointment times, between groom services for special baths: skunks/fleas/mud or to control a skin condition. We are here to serve you, and your best friend when you need us. I look forward to meeting the new addition to your family, and even if you have adopted an older dog, you can book every 4 weeks and still receive the discount off the regular adult prices, and get to choose the best appointment times for you, without waiting a month to get in.



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