Dazzling Doggies Grooming Salon

We have put a lot of work into keeping our clients safe. The following are things that will be required from our customers (and us) in order for us to operate safely
1. Please be exactly on time for your appointment, do not be early or late as we need to maintain 1 person allowed inside at a time and we book dogs accordingly so no one is booked at the same time as another dog.
2. Dogs can be left in the cage in the foyer for me to retrieve or we can come to the foyer to take them from you (we will wear a mask when we do this). Please take leashes and collars with you.
3. Customers will not be permitted to stay in the shop and wait.
4. Etransfer will be the preferred method of payment, if paying with cash, be sure you have the exact amount as no change will be given.
5.Explanation of haircut can be done when you drop the dog off, but we ask you stay within the red lines on the floor and we will stay behind the curtain. Please be quick with your explanation as we need to maintain the 1 person allowed inside and the next customer may be coming in shortly after you do.
6.we are booked far in advance right now, so we strongly suggest you prebook your next appointment after this one by texting or calling us. We don't know how long we will be under these restrictions and it slows down how many dogs we can groom in a day.
7.once grooming is complete we will send you a text or a phone call to give you an exact time to pick up your dog, again please do not be early or late for pick up time.
8.when you come to pick up your dog we will either have them in the cage in the foyer waiting for you or we can bring your dog to you in the foyer when we see you arrive.
9.prices, regardless of conditions of coat will remain the same for now, unfortunately some coats may need to be shaved short since it has been a long time since the dog has been groomed. Fortunately, hair grows back
10. We will disinfect the cage and door knobs after each person leaves the shop. We will also be disinfecting our slip leads, restraints and equipment as usual between each dog and using hand sanitizer when required.
11. Dogs will take longer than usual to groom as we have to take extra steps to ensure everything is disinfected which takes time out of our grooming time.

Here are some photos which can help you understand how we will be doing this thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Also a big thank you to New Ontario Brewing Company for the making the hand sanitizer and to Vaughan Paper Products for supplying us with the items we needed to keep our shop safe